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"The 1987, 1988, and 1989 profiles of high school students compiled by the College Board reveal that students who take arts courses tend to have higher scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) than those who do not. Moreover, the more arts courses a student takes, generally speaking, the higher his or her SAT scores."

"SAT Scores Found to Correlate with Arts Study" Soundpost, vol. 17, 1990, p. 21.

"(An arts education) contributes to improved test scores and achievement levels. A recent study by the National Endowment for the Arts (conducted by OMG, Inc., a research and consulting firm in Philadelphia) suggests that students who attend arts-focused schools tend to achieve higher test scores than similar students in other schools in their area."

"THE LOST ARTS Why arts education is crucial for kids" John B. Thomas.

"In Sampson County, North Carolina, standardized test scores went up two years in a row. The only thing that had changed in the county during those years was the introduction of arts education."

Letter to the Hon. N. Leo Daughtry, 21 June 1990, from Chip Zullinger, superintendent of the Sampson County (N.C.) Schools.

"Recently, a College Entrance Examination Board study found that students who took more than four years of music and arts scored 34 points higher on verbal SATs and 18 points better on math SATs than those who took music for less than one year."

"Looking for a Renaissance" Miriam Horn, U.S. News and World Report vol. 112, 1992, p. 53.

"Much of what is said in the arts cannot be said in another way. To withhold artistic means of understanding is as much of a malpractice as to withhold mathematics."

Howard Gardner, Harvard's Graduate School of Education.

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