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The three programs, Flowers and Bulrushes, Peaceful Pastels, and Butterfly Wings, sometimes referred to as Series I, are written for the second, third and fourth grades. However, these three programs can be interchanged within the three grade levels, as the material can be adapted to meet the needs of each age group.

And since the structural foundation for each program is built around the same seven elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, space, form, and pattern, none of the three programs depends upon having taken the material in the other two. Therefore, the series can be operated on a rotating basis allowing students to enter the program in any of its three rotating years.

In this way several age groups can be combined, where previously, separate classes for each group may have been required. When using any of the programs from Series I, second, third and fourth grade students can be combined and taught in the same class.

The movement to a new level of concepts, to the application of Series I concepts, and to an introduction to art history takes place in the transition from Series I to Series II (for fifth and sixth grades) where the material in that series depends on the acquisition of skills and concepts taught in Series I. When both programs in this series become available, they can also be used on a rotating basis. Until then, the Series II program that is available, Where Eagles Soar, can be used successfully with both the fifth and sixth grades.

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