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"We have been thrilled to watch the hand of the Lord bringing Choose Art from a dream to practical reality. Every Christian School should now be able to provide their students a quality art curriculum with this programme. You may be assured that we are supporting the use of this programme in all of our western Canadian Schools."

- B & B Carson Consultants International

"Not only have the children grown artistically, but also spiritually. The 'Scriptural Theme' in each unit is a very important foundation in this program. The children have learned to work together in unity, to say uplifting words, and to serve one another in love. I am very pleased with the results I see in each child!"

- Christine Goertzen, Christian Centre Academy

"Thank you so much for the Choose Art program. I appreciate the fact that the students learn the different elements of art such as pattern, line, texture, etc. as opposed to just doing 'crafts' in art period.

"The student booklets are a great idea, and the diversity of projects and the fun ideas make for an exciting art class! The children have especially enjoyed the 'Box Sculpture Animals' and 'Space Pictures' this year.

"As a teacher, I have appreciated the scriptural themes and memory verses. They provide a good balance to the practical part of the lesson and even enhance it.

"God bless you in your vision for art education in Christian schools!"

- Rebecca Donison, Harvest City Christian Academy

"This is our third year on the program, and now we cannot imagine a school year without Choose Art for our students. We have benefited greatly from the time and prayer that you have so diligently invested in the design of Choose Art. The flexibility of your program was graphically revealed to us this year when our art teacher moved from our town. We had to substitute a 'willing mom' to spearhead our Choose Art program, which she did with fear and trepidation. However, after only one month into the course, we all found that the teacher's manual was so explicit and easy to follow that our 'willing mom' has become an enthusiastic art teacher. Choose Art is an affordable, practical, and feasible opportunity for small Christian schools, as well as large ones, to offer a quality art education program. We would encourage all Christian schools to 'choose' Choose Art for their art education curriculum. It is a gift from God!"

- Kindersley Christian Academy, Kindersley, SK

"We have been using Choose Art for three years. I find that it has been very well set up with all the instructional help that is needed. Choose Art teaches the visual elements and principles of art and design which I appreciate, as an Art specialist.

"I have had parents teach the lessons with ease, finding them easy to follow. I like the scriptural theme for each unit and the photos of sample projects in the back. The students have enjoyed the projects, especially when they are all put up for the parents to see. The binders are very neat and tidy looking in the Art room."

- Heritage Christian School, Kelowna, BC

"As a principal I really appreciate the character building that is implemented throughout the curriculum. The stories that go with the lessons are very interesting for the students. They always look forward to this time of day. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an Art curriculum."

- Meadow Lake Christian Academy, Meadow Lake, SK

" We have used the Choose Art programs available for the past years and highly recommend it for the following reasons:

  • convenient, step-by-step lesson plans making it very easy for busy teachers to prepare
  • even a non-artistic teacher can have a successful art program
  • the children really like it and find it interesting, not boring
  • lots of illustrations and diagrams which children like more than just pages of type
  • a good balance between art theory and practice
  • progressive and orderly, building from lesson to lesson and year to year
  • flexible for children of different levels and stages and abilities (A and B assignments)
  • samples of potential outcomes for the non-artistic teacher and very visual student
  • individual student binders are colorful, inviting, and can be taken home as a keepsake
  • projects that are creative, developmental, and fun
  • ready-made certificates of achievement to be presented at year-end
  • reasonable prices for the manual and binders
  • practical suggestions for readily available inexpensive materials
"The bottom line: 'It even makes me like art.'"

- Chilliwack Christian Academy, Chilliwack, BC

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"I'm thrilled with this program. Thanks for using your God-given gifts to help others train children in this area."

"I have enjoyed the Choose Art program and the students look forward to art class very much. I truly appreciate the scriptural emphasis and the theme introductions are both helpful and fun."

"I think the program is great. It will save me 'oodles' of preparation time. I love the scripture themes woven throughout. I appreciate the skill building in this program."

"The program is very organized and well written, and I like all the variety of projects. Also, all the reference to scripture and character development is great! - easy to follow instructions, practical, easy to use."

"Choose Art is a great program, which teachers without an art background will benefit by."

"Large variety of types of art."

"I think you've done a fantastic job of putting this together. I didn't realize the need for this until I saw the program 'live.'"

"Scriptural emphasis at beginning of lesson is, I believe, a key to this program's success."

"Very professionally done, clear and easy to understand."

"Valuable character development ideas."

"Appreciate the creativity, kinds of art forms and scriptural themes and applications this program offers."

"The other supervisors and myself are extremely satisfied with everything. I especially like the scripture emphasis and how it can be worked into each lesson."

"I am really glad to have a systematic approach to art."

"The children all look forward to art class. The layout is easy to follow for teaching. Good variety."

"We appreciate the straightforward instructions and interesting illustrations."

"Emphasis on stressing positive, controlled learning is wonderful."

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