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Choose Art is just what you've been waiting for - an art education curriculum for Christian boys and girls! And since it has been developed specifically for Christian students, spiritual objectives, as well as artistic and academic objectives, have been included and directly applied to the subject of art. Spiritual principles and character development are built right in!

The Choose Art series currently includes comprehensive programming for first grade through fifth grade. (The first grade will be available soon.) It has been designed not only with careful consideration of educational objectives, but also with cost efficiency and practical usability in mind. The lessons are easy to follow, easy to prepare, and easy to implement.

The unique features of Choose Art make it very versatile. It will adapt to your situation, whether you are a trained art teacher working in a large school, whether you are combining classes in a smaller school, or even if you are a homeschooler. Indeed, Choose Art can be taught effectively by trained art personnel, by the classroom teacher, or by a parent volunteer.

Features of the Teacher's Manual: The teacher's manual is your guide. Study it carefully. It is written in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format that is designed to make your work easy. Every lesson contains four parts. The OBJECTIVES describe the academic and artistic goals of the lesson. The MATERIALS list includes everything you will need for the lesson. The ADVANCE PREPARATION gives you directions about how to prepare for the class before the lesson begins. The METHOD describes what to do during the lesson and what to expect from the children.

Each monthly unit contains a different scriptural theme. That theme is introduced during the first lesson in a unit. You will find SUGGESTIONS FOR INTRODUCING THE SCRIPTURAL THEME on the first page of the unit. The SCRIPTURAL OBJECTIVES FOR THE UNIT are presented on this page as well. They are not repeated in the objectives of each lesson. By completing the designated scripture portions of the lessons, you will find that the scriptural objectives outlined for that particular unit will be fulfilled.

Answer keys for assignments and quizzes are provided at the end of each unit for your convenience. These may be used by the teacher, or they can be displayed in class for the students to score their own work.


Quizzes: At the end of every unit, a short quiz is provided in both an 'A' and 'B' format. The purpose of the quiz is to reinforce vocabulary, academic concepts and scriptural teachings.


Student Booklet Pages: Student booklets contain teachings, stories, exercises and quizzes. They include checklists, reinforce concepts, build vocabulary, outline artistic techniques, illustrate procedures and contain scripture. Although each lesson consists of much more than simply completing the pages in the student booklet, these pages are an invaluable supplement to the lesson.

A student booklet is required for each child in the class. The booklets are available in two formats. They can be purchased either on compact disc (CD) or as backline masters. Both formats include a limited license allowing for the reproduction of the materials within the purchasing school. When you purchase the CD, you can print full-color copies. When you purchase backline masters, you will receive a set of pages printed in black and white and ready to photocopy. Both the CD and the backline masters set include the teacher's manual.

Whether you teach single age groups separately, or whether multiple age groups are taught in the same class, differences in age or ability levels are accommodated by using 'A' and 'B' student booklet pages. Although the material covered in class is the same for everyone in the group, some of the quizzes and assignments are presented in two formats, the 'B' format being more challenging than the 'A' format. At the teacher's discretion, both formats can be used, not only in multi-age groupings, but also with different ability levels within a single age group.

Both the 'A' and 'B' pages are included in every student booklet. It will be up to you to decide which page to issue the student. When considering the three programs from second to fourth grade as a series that can be rotated in a multi-age grouping (see Multi-Age Groupings), second grade students will use the 'A' pages while most third and fourth grade students will use the 'B' pages.

Following are two sample pages from the student booklet for Peaceful Pastels, the third grade program. One is an 'A' page; the other is a 'B' page. The "(for 'A' students)" or "(for 'B' students)" designation, identifying the academic level, is found in the second line of the running head. Most pages, however, have no such designation and are to be used by all the students.

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